Sunday, March 3, 2013



This week I'm returning to Boston, my hometown, to release my book My Dead from Octopus Books.  I have two readings in Boston before I head out for the Sex and Death Tour. 

On Thursday, March 7, I'm reading at the Middle East with Aase Berg via Johannes Göransson (Black Ocean), James Gendron (Octopus Books), Lara Glenum (Action Books), Joe Hall (Black Ocean), Elaine Kahn (Poor Claudia), Amy Lawless (Octopus Books), Monica Mody (1913), Diane Wald (1913), Raul Zurita (Action Books). Here's the facebook event page with other info.

Then on Saturday I am taking part in the Get LIT II reading at the Napoleon Room at Club Cafe.  This reading brings together readers for LIT Magazine and the Mental Marginalia Readings Series. Readers are: Ian Hatcher, Ed Steck, Lydia Melby, Claire Donato, Cara Benson, Maria Damon, Andrea Quaid, Ray DeJesús, Allison Power, Keara Driscoll, Michael Lala, Amy Lawless (this is me), Eric Conroe, Kevin Walter, Lauren Hunter, Christine Kanownik, Farrah Field, Alina Gregorian, with members of the LIT editorial staff and the Committee for the Organization of Mental Marginalia.  This reading is from 5-8, but like a diva I have asked to read half way through.

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