Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Three events next week

I'm excited to participate in three readings/events next week.  Here is info on each chronologically.  Come on out.

1. On Monday August 10th,  I'm psyched to read at the Poet in New York reading series.  It'll be really fun!  I'm the featured reader!  

2. On Wednesday August 12th at 7pm at the James Goodman Gallery in Manhattan, Chris Cheney and I are giving a talk on our collaborative project, I Cry.  It'll be terrifying and (hopefully) interesting and funny.  Definitely weird. Definitely really weird.  Here's a link to the Facebook invitation.  Brandon Kreitler will also be giving a talk on the topic of huts.

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Unknown said...

I've been to London Marathon in September for the www.freelancehouse.co.uk writing society. It was a pleasant treat from the Londoners. They invited us to dinner after the official part into Soho.