Thursday, December 8, 2016


Hey Blog Readers,

I haven't updated in a while.  Sorry about that.  I come with news.  A chapbook of poems I wrote A Woman Alone  won the Sixth Finch Books open reading period.  Another chapbook, Fickle Sun, Loyal Shadow by Dobby Gibson also won.  So that's cool.  You can pre-order before January 1 and all proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.       I am proud of these poems. I wrote them all within the last year: mostly over the summer.  Writing this short book, I avoided editing my next full length book, Broadax, which is also due to come out like any month now from Octopus Books.  Thematic concerns of A Woman Alone include: going to Mars, a breakup, human cruelty, some undersea vision questing.

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