note: this is an incomplete/recent list of published work.

Three Poems in Action Spectacle -  Poems Chosen by Cindy King

A Prose Poem in Issue 35/Spring 2019 of FENCE

Two poems in Gramma Weekly (Gramma Press)

Three Poems in Pretty Owl Poetry

Three Poems in Powder Keg: read here.

Poem in Weekly Gramma (Gramma Press): "Let Me Tell You about My Knife"

Poem in Cosmonauts Avenue entitled "I Saved Latin What Did You Ever Do?" 

Three poems and an essay in the Inquisitive Eater
1: "Sculpture, Weed, and Bon Iver"
2: "Ars Poetica"
3: "My Therapist"
Essay: "Alpiner"

"Let Me Be Laid" (Collaborative poem w/ Chris Cheney) in The Volta

"The Ship to the Island to New Ideas" in the Volta (Part of Zachary Schomburg's feature called The Future)

"Laugh and Hang" in Bear Review

Three Poems in Reality Beach

"Enter Skeleton" in Washington Square Review

"Mars One" in jubilat

"The Sick City" in The Volta

One Poem in Incessant Pipe

Two Poems in Hot Metal Bridge

Two poems in Jerk Poet, Issue 3

Two poems: "A Love No Theory May Possess" and "If He Says He's Going to Burn Down Your House" in Valley Voices: A Literary Review  V14N2, Fall 2014:  New York School and Diaspora: A Special Issue  (print).  (Can't find proper web site. Maybe try libraries?)

Two poems in So & So Magazine Issue 8

Three poems entitled "The Private Lives of Deer" in Equalizer: Second Series.  Link to folder here.

Poem in The Atlas Review, Issue 4

Poem "The Frowning Beast" in The Common

Two poems in Smoking Glue Gun

"I ♥ Life" on Zocalo Public Square

"Hermeneutics" in Womens Studies Quarterly, Debt Issue

"from BROADAX," (audio chapbook) on Black Cake Records

"Problem Solving" in Birdfeast Issue 10

"Fear of Missing Out" in Black Warrior Review, Issue 40.2

"Engage Physically" and "Unwrap a Tidy World to Reveal a Messier One" in notnostrums

Not Precious in Bone Bouquet, Fall 2013 issue 4.2

Neglect Emotionally in Poetry Crush 2014: Every Day is Valentine's Day, vol 1.

WHELP and Florianus from Empire in Eleven Eleven issue 16 

from BROADAX, Ampersand Review

"A Feeling Came Over Me" in Forklift, Ohio

Women Poets Wearing Sweatpants

Two Poems in iO Poetry, Issue 11

What Year Are You Interested In?" on Hyperallergic, selected by Joe Pan

Best American Poetry 2013 (collaboration with Angela Veronica Wong)

"Inspire Hope" at POETS.org

3 poems in Pinwheel (with AVW)

from The Secret Lives of Deer at Similar:Peaks::

Post Hoc in LEVELER

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