Thursday, April 25, 2013



Here's all your Amy Lawless related information for the next week.

I am reading three minutes of poems today Thursday, 4/25/13 at The Highwayman NYC One Year anniversary event with like 30 other poets.  oh here:  Priscilla Becker, Stephanie Berger, Marina Blitshteyn, Polly Bresnick, William Brewer, Cappo, Anthony, Iris Cushing, Camillo DiMaria, Ted Dodson, Natalie Eilbert, Ben Fama, Adam Fitzgerald, Sasha Fletcher, Robin Grearson, Julia Guez, Laura Henriksen, Julie Kantor, Mike Lala, Amy Lawless, Monica McClure, Rangi McNeil, Dolan Morgan, Matt Nelson, Kurt Opprecht, Tom Oristaglio, Allyson Paty, Brett Price, Montana Ray, Camilo Roldán, Emmalea Russo, Elizabeth Clark Wessel, Nicole Wallace, Samantha Zighelboim.

Then a few days later I will get on a plane.

I'm reading in Denver on Sunday @ 4pm @ Counterpath Books w/ JA Tyler, Jackie Clark, and Danielle Pafunda.   

Then the next day I will get on a plane.

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